Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mr Sasaki's roll

Here is Sasaki君 with his roll. カッコいい!


  1. Seems oishisou!

    I eat too much everyday as usual in foreign soil.

    I started swimming in the swimming pool.

  2. To onichan,
    Genki desuka?
    Tanosii desuka?
    Omiyagebanashi tanoshimini matteiruyo.

    Akira sasaki

    I am relieved to see your smile.
    Be careful not to catch cold.
    Study English as hard as you can.

    Minoru Sasaki

  3. Hi Tatz,
    Please beware of high calorie foods. Your wife will be angry when you get back to Japan. Again!
    CU Soon.

    Thanks for the heart-warming messages, Sasaki san and Akira君 I will make sure he gets you some good omiage!